Global Tender (Asia) Ltd.

About us

We provide a superior sourcing service in a wide range of product classifications based on Chinese production with Swiss upscale standards. Global Tender benefits from the brand name of its mother company, Kling Swiss, a brand that customers recognize and trust worldwide.
Furthermore, cooperative alliances with reliable suppliers enhance efficiency and satisfy loyal customers who are predisposed to purchase related products and services.
Global tender is ably managed by a Chinese lady who has gained her MBA Degree from one of the most famous universities in United Kingdom. She also has rich professional experience having worked in several European companies. Supported by her excellent interpersonal and intercultural skills, she brings significant capabilities of translating your expectations to our reliable suppliers and build a successful bridge to generate mutual profits.
She also has excellent foreign languages skills (English, German as well as French) and a deep understanding of the Chinese culture and customs with which she grew up. She knows what it takes to present exclusive products in conformity with a brand´s intrinsic character.
Global Tender (Asia) Ltd.